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Man has been left off the hook for causing global warming as the evidence clearly implicates Mother Nature. Hypothesis and theories just don’t stand up in court, it’s facts that are needed. 

Breaking news from New York, from the United Nations,
The FBI assisting with the investigations.
The IPCC just can’t find the evidence they need,
For the case against “man” to be able to proceed.

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They’ve been unable to prove that man is involved,
And are hoping the FBI will get this one solved.
The FBI Director said they’d soon have a handle,
And get to the bottom of the whole climate scandal.

CO2 released on bail, as the FBI make a start,
Said there was no proof at all it’d had played any part.
The head of investigations then went on to say,
That a number of computer models had been taken away.

Investigators discover climate has changed often before,
Now it’s a serial offender that they’re looking for.
It’s known these changes were reported many times,
Were the IPCC not aware of these earlier crimes?

The FBI are proceeding with incredible speed,
Right in front of their faces all the evidence they need;
Mother Nature arrested, brought in for questioning,
The mastermind behind the whole climate change thing.

There’s relief all around that the culprit’s been caught;
So Mother Nature’s not as innocent as we had all thought.
Seems that she’s been doing her thing for billions of years,
And has just been hiding behind those ‘man-made’ fears.

At the same time the FBI have discovered a fraud,
Located a drain where billions of dollars were poured.
Forensic evidence is now being gathered from the scene;
Thousands of grants and subsidies, all tainted with green.

The Church of Climatology has also come to the fore
There’s an arrest warrant out for its leader, Al Gore.
The FBI have seized his assets and uncovered his plan,
How the global warming hoax would make him a wealthy man.

The IPCC’s been disbanded, it’s in disarray,
It’s suggested all the green taxes it will have to repay.
Mother Nature has been released, thinks the whole thing was fun,
Saying she was amazed how gullible man had become!

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