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Scientists are messing around with our food, genetic modification they call it. Now I remember reading Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and how there was this scientist playing around with genetic modification……..

“Don’t play with your food” I was told I must stop,
Now scientists play with the whole damn crop!
Genetically modified, doesn’t that sound delicious?
Who now knows what goes into our dishes?

Will Scribe Blue TomatoI remember a time when most food was organic,
And to have strawberries all year there wasn’t a panic.
Food was in season or you simply went without;
And the origin of ingredients was in little doubt.

From all over the globe, food is now being freighted,
To satisfy a demand that supermarkets have created;
And to lengthen food’s life we use chemicals galore,
Or freeze it for months in a gigantic cold store.

Then artificially ripened and so perfectly formed,
Our supermarket shelves so beautifully adorned,
With fruit and vegetables, all hormone injected;
Making “fresh” food unnatural we’ve almost perfected.

Smell and taste are things of the past,
How does it look and how long will it last?
These are the criteria for “fresh” food selection,
We’re all being lead in that tasteless direction.

But this is only the start, we’ve a long way to go,
We can change all our food, the scientists say so.
Red tomatoes are boring, so let’s make them blue,
And the shape of bananas, let’s have square ones too.

Cabbages could be black and cauliflowers grey,
With peas tasting of coffee, what do you say?
Flat white beetroot could become all the rage,
And what about pineapples smelling of sage?

You may think I’m joking, well maybe I am,
But don’t think for a minute there isn’t a plan
To keep modifying food, to drive profits higher,
Come back in 10 years and call me a liar!

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© Will Scribe 2014-2015

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