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Like so many rabbits, caught in a car’s headlights, we watch the approach of a Federal European government and do nothing. 

Precedent dictated that the people should choose,
But we entered the EU via a political ruse;
A referendum held two years after the event,
If only the people knew then what it all meant!

Will Scribe Brussels CentralThe bureaucrats are gathered in a Belgian town,
Their mission to bring national governments down,
And replace them with a Federal European force;
If we don’t stop them soon they’ll run their full course.

What couldn’t be achieved through acts of war,
Is now being achieved via the back door.
Countries being annexed, one by one,
Could it be that the 4th Reich has begun?

National identity and culture will be forgotten,
There’s no rise to the top, more a race to the bottom.
No longer ruled by politicians voted in by election,
But now ruled by commissars appointed by selection.

But a chain is only as strong as its weakest link,
Look at the EU membership, then stop and think
Of what happened to the Euro, who was the threat?
It will happen to the EU, that’s a pretty safe bet.

LibLabCon are just puppets, doing what they are told,
On a Federal Europe they are totally sold;
Make noises against, but that’s just so much bluster,
When it comes to a fight they have no courage to muster.

Of course there’s emotion and national pride,
To keep Britain British many millions have died!
A government overthrowing its people, what a concept,
At practising apathy we’ve become so adept!

Will Scribe Image 11 Frame 01All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2014-2015

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