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Once again the media is flooded with displays of ignorance, whipped up by ignorant socialist politicians. Certainly not the first time, certainly won’t be the last, quite taxing really! 

Back in the news again, the subject of tax;
All driven by emotion and lacking in facts.
The media as usual getting the masses excited,
A bonfire of misinformation they have ignited.

Will Scribe - Ignorance 1

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The usual suspects have started their braying;
On Twitter and Facebook you should see what they’re saying.
They need to research more, but that’s hardly their style,
Happy to vomit up their socialist bile.

Politicians climb on board, they’re after the vote,
Their ignorance too is worthy of note.
It’s media led politics, I think you will find,
Another example of the blind leading the blind.

Why is that the BBC and Sky so carefully choose
The uneducated and uninformed to report on the news?
A Commons debate on tax evasion, full of rancour,
Is converted to tax avoidance by the studio anchor.

Nowadays the only education we appear to need
Comes from Twitter or Facebook or a media feed:
Tax avoidance and evasion are just not the same,
To dumb us all down is that the media’s aim?

Tax avoidance is legal, tax evasion is fraud,
Will the misinformed ever take that one on board?
Under company law the directors must act,
In the members’ best interests, look it up, it’s a fact.

So if you have an ISA are you a criminal too?
You’re avoiding paying the tax, otherwise due,
But aren’t ISA’s being promoted by the government?
And isn’t the avoidance of tax, that their whole intent?

Legally paying less tax, so why all the fuss?
Anti-capitalists, as expected, will shout and will cuss.
And, more often than not, the tax is simply deferred,
Of course that is not something that ever gets heard.

These big companies that the socialists demonise,
Pay billions in tax, if they would open their eyes.
VAT is a tax, so is employees’ PAYE,
NIC contributions; business rates are not free.

Shut down these companies, reduce the payroll,
Lets put hundreds of thousands back onto the dole.
Why is it against companies socialists love to berate?
Who do they think is funding their welfare state?

And before I go I have just one more thought,
Taking “cash in hand” for working, how many get caught?
But that’s tax evasion; it’s the same as just stealing,
But many socialists find THAT tax saving appealing!

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© Will Scribe 2014-2015

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