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Could the unthinkable have actually happened – could man made global warming, the world’s fastest growing religion, not be politically correct? 

Man-made global warming, but only caused by man?
Aren’t women also taking part in this scam?
By excluding women is there a bias I detect?
Could global warming not be politically correct?

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The alarmists could find themselves in a strange situation,
Defining CO2 emissions by sexual orientation;
Surely by adding the emissions that women create,
Would increase the opportunities to exaggerate?

This has started me thinking, what else is neglected,
When CO2’s PC credentials are being inspected?
Who are the worst offenders? It must be the whites,
Pointing fingers at blacks effects their human rights.

We know political persuasion is a key thing,
But can you make emissions if you are left wing?
And emissions by religion, should we be fussed?
Of course emissions by Muslims can’t be discussed!

The gay rights movement said it’s not down to them,
If CO2 emissions we are unable to stem.
Lawyers for illegal immigrants and the unemployed,
Say that their emissions’ records have been destroyed.

So the climate religion needs to get its facts straight,
And make up its mind who to implicate:
White, right-wing, employed, non-Muslim, heterosexuals I suspect,
And that would make global warming politically correct!

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