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Tilting at Windmills – An old English expression meaning attacking imaginary enemies. 

A new religion’s church spires
Reaching up to the skies,
Venerated by politicians
The poor help subsidise;
New symbols of a power,
But not the generating kind,
It’s the power of fear
And it makes us all blind.

Komoa Wind Farm, South Point Hawaii 2010

For our taxpayers’ money
A new drain has been found,
Operators and alarmists
All gathered around
To feed from the honey pot,
Before it’s too late,
And grants and subsidies
Have been removed from the plate.

Those vast turbine blades
Rotate in the breeze,
With motors we heat
To make sure they don’t freeze;
Unable to produce more power
When it’s required,
Backed up by power stations,
Of course, fossil fuel fired.

If man controls climate
Can’t he make the wind blow
And turn those blades more
When demand starts to grow?
Or is global warming
The only trick up his sleeve?
Though that stopped many years ago,
How the alarmists must grieve.

Perhaps turbines are meant to be
Just religious devices,
Great towering idols,
Those subsidies our sacrifices;
Is that why they’re worshiped
As the alarmist seem to do?
Some many of them drink
Climate witchcraft’s strange brew.

So in years to come,
When these follies stand still,
And every countryside scene
Their rusting hulks fill,
We can tell our children
An incredible tale,
Of when you tilt at windmills
And let common sense fail.

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© Will Scribe 2014-2015

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