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Having watched my mother, and then my step mother, die slow, painful deaths, both from cancer after a lifetime of smoking, I wonder why anyone would choose to smoke? 

Will Scribe Chimp Smoking

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Drug addiction’s a curse and there’s nothing worse
Than an addiction to nicotine;
Smelling like an old ash tray for most of the day,
Some find that really obscene.

So I’m having a drag on my very last fag,
The last of a lifetime of smoking;
It’s all doom and gloom, there’s a priest in the room,
The last rites for me, I really wish I was joking.

I’m on quite a high, it’s the morphine that’s why,
The injections help to kill the pain.
If the cancer doesn’t kill, the morphine surely will,
Any hope now is simply in vain.

It wouldn’t happen to me, I thought I’d be free
From the deadly killer, the cancer;
The only safe bet is just no cigarette.
It is the only sane answer!

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© Will Scribe 2014

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