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Thousands of children die every day, FACT, we could stop it, FACT, we have the funding, FACT, but not the political will, FACT.  In contrast the man-made climate change band wagon has all the funding and political weight it needs, just NO FACTS to support it!  Still based on an unproven hypothesis, after years of research, billions and billions of dollars of tax payers money, countless projections by computer models, dozens of wild and unfounded claims and theories, COP jamborees and media-orchestrated, state sponsored  fear mongering,  NONE of its faith based pseudo scientific predictions have come true, it’s FICTION.  

Should taxpayers money be used to deal with FACT or SCIENCE FICTION?  It’s our choice….

Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes,
The baby just lies there, in its final death throes.
There is no clean water, so this child has few chances
And the world has no interest in this child’s circumstances.

Will Scribe Clean Water End Poverty

So who will stand up, be this child’s defender
Pry politicians away from their “man made” agenda,
Reallocate funds, so a difference can be made,
And drop the rhetoric of a political crusade?

A REAL fear exists for a million children’s fate,
Not an imaginary fear, to support a false debate.
There’s no clean water and so thousands die each day;
By funding climate witchcraft we’re taking lives away.

Tax payers money appropriated, its all done by stealth,
Grants and subsidies abound, forget poor children’s health.
But if you could see the terror in the eyes of a dying child,
Then ask who are the terrorists, who should be reviled?

Or does Agenda 21 now have the priority,
And is dirty science being used by those in authority?
To deny these children life, that makes them the ‘deniers’,
Their talk of sustainability only confirms them as liars.

Death to climate witchcraft and let these children live!
They’re entitled to a life, which we could so easily give,
Redirect climate funding to where it can do some good;
Stop supporting pseudo-scientists and their livelihood.

Will Scribe Water Poverty 2

Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes,
The baby just lies there, in its final death throes.
There is no clean water, so this child has no a chance;
Against funding climate activism, we need to take a stance.

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