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The start of another year and no rest for us dragon slayers, sworn knights of the pen. 

Will Scribe Dragon Slayer New Year 2014

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It’s New Year’s Day and a list I am making
Of the dragons out there, so I won’t be forsaking
My duties as a sworn knight of the pen,
A dragon slayer since I don’t know when.

In one respect 2013 was not such a bad year,
As to the world it became ever more clear
That, after all those years since it was begun,
The climate change scam is becoming undone.

However, we have still a long way to go
Before that dragon is finally laid low.
The truth being realised by enlightened nations;
Correcting the brainwashing could take generations.

Next on the list and a threat to our culture
Is political correctness, I call it the liberal’s vulture,
It dives down to strike us, with such a terrible screech,
If ever it detects too much freedom of speech.

Now that dragon will be much harder to slay,
As correctness has become the accepted way.
The majority too apathetic to stand up for their rights;
The fight will be left to us modern day knights.

Next on the list, gratuitous use of the “f” word
In modern society so often it is now heard,
Being spoken by those lacking a full intellect;
Brains so empty, no other words left to select.

Educationally subnormal, a challenging dragon,
With so many people on the ignorance bandwagon,
But we knights will rise above the unwashed crowd,
Using a language of which we are still very proud.

Now I drawing my sword on all forms of the media,
Which now seems devoid of any form of academia;
Rather the priority is now for editors to choose
Those who can concoct, distort and misreport news.

The press, once renowned for its thorough research,
Is now about as honest as the Catholic church.
News stories being invented to frighten and scare
And no longer unbiased, many socialists found there.

The EU is next on the list in my cave,
From its bureaucracy I just have to save
The population, who is now completely subjected
To weird regulations, common sense being neglected.

This knight will fight with all of his might,
For a Britain ruled by Brits, I know it is right;
Not by socialist commissars or faceless bureaucrats,
I’ll stop UK voters being treated as door mats!

There are more dragons that I will attack
How many will I slay and get off your back?
But one resolution I know I will keep,
I will roar like a tiger, not baa like a sheep.

© Will Scribe 2014
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