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An M&S employee refuses to serve a customer! It’s OK the employee is a Muslim!

Will Scribe Who Rules over you

Thanks to Clares Park

So the Muslims can choose, not to serve booze,
And we thought they were just employees.
We confuse tolerance with plain common sense,
It’s becoming an infectious disease.

M&S are infected, politically corrected;
Maybe it’s time to shop elsewhere
At John Lewis it is plain, common sense still has reign,
Better off doing your shopping there.

So if an employee’s a vegan, by the same sort of reason,
They would not have to serve very much.
For the Board of Directors, it’s brain scan detectors,
Terrorised and so out of touch

Take this to a conclusion, there would be utter confusion,
Employees doing whatever they like.
Using any type of belief to give some job relief,
Stop them and they’ll just go on strike.

Employers bury their heads, terror of Muslims spreads,
Frightened in case they offend.
It’s like walking on eggs and a question it begs,
When will this insanity end?

Political correctness out of hand, time to make a stand,
As common sense has gone out of the door.
No longer be a defender of the dark liberal agenda,
Be free, speak your mind once more.

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2013

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