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Lockerbie, is it really 25 years ago? Every time we queue to pass through airport security, have our cases scanned, our bodies searched, is that a victory for the terrorists? I think so……

Will Scribe Lockerbie

25 years ago to the day,
270 lives taken away.
A terrorist bomb, a cargo hold,
Lockerbie still makes my blood run cold.

Killed on the ground, killed in the air,
The terrorist bombers just didn’t care.
Believed they were right and we were wrong;
Throughout the ages, that tired terrorist song.

Who was to blame? the speculation grew,
That they were cowards, we already knew;
Twisted minds behind cold killers eyes,
Their only objective is to just terrorise.

New investigations are now under way
To see what countries had a role to play;
Libya, Syria or Pakistan,
Islamic states, do they give a damn?

25 years ago, I remember the scenes,
Death and destruction on our TV screens
And what did it achieve in the terrorists eyes?
A victory against those they despise?

As relatives stand at graves and weep,
A vigil against terrorists we need to keep.
Perhaps our tolerance is becoming misplaced?
The blood of the innocents, Islam disgraced!

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2013

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