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So an apple a day will make us live long longer, (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-25413939 ) but this raises two questions, do we want all those old people and what is wrong with pie and chips?…..

Apples are good for us, we’ve always known,
And with these sayings most of us have grown:
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”
And “an apple for the teacher”, well it was in my day.

Will Scribe AppleWe need to eat fruit and an apple we’re told
Will keep us on track, we’ll stop getting old.
The antioxidants we need, they’re a natural source,
Just wash off all the chemicals first, of course.

A nice juicy apple with a satisfying crunch;
But will it ever replace a traditional lunch?
Steak and kidney pie, gravy and chips,
It’s much more attractive, will help build our hips.

But then have an apple instead for dessert,
Forget jam roly poly, I’m sure it won’t hurt.
Fruit and vegetables, we’re told, is a real healthy diet,
And the government says we must all go and try it.

Will Scribe Pie and ChipsBut I think the government could easily go broke,
Paying out pensions to so many old folk;
So it might make more sense, on the financial side,
If we are told to eat chips, to ensure that we died?

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