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I wrote this piece when Madiba passed away,
Perhaps more pertinent than ever today?
Trying to walk in those footsteps, Zuma and his entourage,
But for Zuma’s ANC, Madiba’s footsteps are too large!

Will Scribe Nelson Mandela

We said good bye to Madiba, now he really has gone;
He was a beacon of light that always shone,
Lighting up the South African rainbow nation;
An outpouring of grief and a life’s celebration.

By example he showed us the way it should be,
And he changed the world with his humility.
The South Africa he was born into has gone for ever;
Let the South Africa he died in not neglect his endeavour

A legacy left for South Africa to follow,
For some a bitter pill they need to swallow,
To stop greed and corruption for Madiba’s sake;
He taught us to give, so why do they take?

The ANC must now change its direction,
Remembering its roots, the Mandela connection,
Making sure that in honesty they are fully compliant;
Small people walking in the footsteps of a giant!

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© Will Scribe 2013-2015

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