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After so many years, and so many enquiries and reviews, somebody has finally worked out that if hospitals ran a full service, seven days a week, it would benefit patients! Hoorah! Next thing is they will be listening to their customers? The NHS is NOT FREE at the point of delivery, it costs the taxpayers many billions!  

Will Scribe Hospital Closed

Here’s a message from the NHS,
They felt they just had to send:
“If you’re going to be taken ill, you need to plan it,
Please don’t make it at the weekend.”

The safest thing to do, a sensible precaution,
If you’re sure that you want to survive,
Is only to be ill on Mondays to Fridays,
And then preferably 9 to 5.

At weekends they are only able to provide
What they call a skeleton service;
Now try picking the bones out of that message,
Does it mean they just couldn’t care less?

Operating theatres and MRI scanners,
Are all still there, but they’re just lying idle,
So while the waiting lists continue to grow,
It’s time to re–write the NHS bible.

Make all days the same, 24/7,
It’s surely what we’re all paying for.
An NHS driven by its customer’s needs,
That’s it, do I need to say more?

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© Will Scribe 2013

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