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Such an  appropriate hat;  a cowboy in charge of a cowboy outfit!  The Rainbow Nation now under a dark cloud.

Will Scribe Zuma Cowboy Hat

Oh dear Jacob! Now what have you been doing?
On the world’s stage and the crowd started booing.
Even at Nelson Mandela’s memorial ceremony;
A disgrace for South Africa, that’s your legacy.

Mbeki and De Klerk, they got a rousing reception,
As for you Mr Zuma, we see through your deception.
We are tired of all your ducking and diving;
We wonder just how it is you keep on surviving.

The speech that you read, it could clearly be seen,
You were just reading words, did you know what they mean?
You were there to honour a man of such grace,
In the shadow of Madiba you have no place.

And now we all know you weren’t the only deceiver,
A fake sign interpreter, an insult to Madiba.
Couldn’t even get that right, shows just how little you care;
After a president like Mandela, how did we let you get there?

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© Will Scribe 2013

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