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Surely a more disciplined environment is a better environment for educating our children? Ofsted seem to think so. Oh dear! I have I used the “D” word? I’m sorry……  

Will Scribe Children Misbehaving

Thanks to Corner Stone For Parents

As in the world rankings we fall further behind,
To disruption and inattention we can no longer be blind.
Those eager to learn oft do we hear them complain,
Fellow pupils treating teachers with utter disdain.

The few disrupt the education of the many,
Respect for the teachers? There just isn’t any.
Discipline, an ugly word in the liberal agenda today,
Would for certain improve our academic display.

Let’s create an environment where discipline is key
And respecting our teachers, the way it used to be.
I was so very lucky at the time I was educated,
Discipline and good manners were strictly regulated.

Rules were set out and if you crossed the line,
A punishment followed and that was just fine.
There was respect for the teachers, generously returned,
It created an environment in which we all learned.

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© Will Scribe 2013

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