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Tens of thousands of birds, many of them endangered species, are being killed by wind turbines every year and as we build more even more will be killed. Why do you never hear about “green” climate activists getting upset by this? But just wait until there’s an oil spill….!

Death to the birds! it’s the price we must pay,
Without totem poles where do we pray?
Wind turbines their beauty, we have to admire,
As their blades keep on turning, as their motors catch fire!

Will Scribe Wind Turbine on Fire 1

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Natural beauty is boring, it’s been around forever;
Let’s blight it with wind farms, so that we must never
Gaze across our moors, mountains and valleys,
Without seeing turbine blades rotate in the breeze.

 Sacrifice our Golden Eagles, let’s cut off their heads;
By wind turbine blades, let’s tear them to shreds.
The warming alarmists won’t be concerned,
Progress, they’ll tell us, is always hard earned.

Unless of course the birds are killed by a spill,
From rig out at sea, as the oil companies drill;
Then the alarmists’ voices will be heard loud and clear,
It’s called double standards, its hypocrisy my dear.

Brainwashed by the rhetoric, we’re so hypnotised,
Bowing down to the wind turbines, that are so very prized.
These icons of ignorance, held in such veneration,
We need to build more for our next generation.

Wind turbines we worship you, as over us you tower,
Even though you don’t generate very much power.
You’re a symbol, like the cross of an earlier crusade,
For global warming extremism, and the price that is paid.

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