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Who is really running the country? Who is really making the key decisions that affect our everyday lives? Who is shaping the future of Britain?   The Conservatives?  No;   The European Union? Yes!    Well I had a dream that it had all changed……!

I had a dream as I slept in my bed last night,
Of a Britain being ruled just by Brits;
Not by faceless bureaucrats, socialist commissars,
Based in Brussels, where the EU sits.

Will Scribe EU Democracy

Where EU legislation and all its red tape
Was a memory, a thing of the past;
And being British meant something again,
The idea was catching on fast.

Where free from red tape and all the restrictions,
Industry was once again able to boom.
And the Great was put back into Britain once more;
The elephant had been kicked out of the room.

Where the shackles of liberalism had been removed,
Political correctness was no longer the rule.
A breath of fresh air now blew through the streets,
Freedom of speech, once more democracy’s tool.

Where immigration was now being controlled,
In the way it should always have been.
And saying you were British, or flying the flag,
Was no longer considered obscene.

The old voter apathy was also declining,
With Britain freed from the EU’s reign.
People now knowing that they really counted,
Voting for an MP meant something again.

And what had made this miracle happen?
What was the cause of this transformation?
Well in my dream it was all very clear to me,
Common sense had returned to the nation!

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