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Curious that  “greens” only seem interested in environmental issues that can be used to attack the capitalist system, when there are real  environmental issues to be addressed. On second thoughts perhaps it’s not so curious after all….?

“Being green” I remember, years ago in my youth,
Meant you were gullible, naive and in search of the truth;
We all think “being green” means something else today,
But how far from old definitions do the greens really stray?

Will Scribe Green Eyed Monster

Today thousands of children are going to die
From the lack of clean water; they have no supply.
It’s an everyday fact, not a computer prediction,
This is a reality, not part of the green science fiction.

But helping these children is not a green priority,
It’s not on the agenda followed by the majority,
Who want to see change, but not of the climate kind;
It’s the capitalist system they want to unwind.

And the poor of the world should they also rejoice,
When for a cheap energy supply they’re not given a choice?
The greens seem quite happy to let them all die,
Another truth to ignore, another fact to deny!

green sustainability, it will give them control,
To diminish our freedoms, it’s their stated goal,
They try to give credence to the message they send:
“Do what we we say”, or the world will just end!

So are these greens religious, or just incredibly naïve?
Choosing rather in myths, than in facts to believe?
Nature loving and peaceful, or so they all claim,
But if you disagree, watch their anger inflame.

Man-made global warming sends them into rage;
This unproven hypothesis, the scam of our age,
Responsible, the greens say, for every natural occurrence,
Its all part of an incredulous philosophy of pretense.

They believe that wind turbines our planet will save,
While thousands of birds are sent to their grave.
Just watch greens pay homage to their totem poles,
Is wiping out our rare species now one of their goals?

They say fracking will poison our water supply,
But with their vocal protests the truth they belie.
And the SUV’s we drive, the greens hate them as well,
Machines of the devil, driving us all to our hell.

If you read the green philosophy what do you find?
The old communist agenda comes first to mind.
A redistribution of wealth, a stifling of ambition,
A green party demanding our total submission!

Complete with its terrorist arm, known as Greenpeace,
The attack on our freedoms will only increase;
And bankrupting the nation’s also part of their scheme,
Everyone living on benefits, it’s all part of their dream.

So the greens want the capitalist systems destroyed;
But who’ll pay the benefits if no one’s employed?
And the money they need to march and demonstrate,
All has to be funded by the system they hate.

But there’s a truth, dear reader, behind all of their shouting,
Which makes so much sense, for those who’ve been doubting.
Using alleged green credentials behind which to hide,
These green eco-warriors are simply green-eyed!

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© Will Scribe 2013-2015

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