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The next general election is not that far away and looking at the traditional voting options does not inspire confidence. Can UKIP cut the EU puppet masters’ strings? 

Will Scribe Elections 2015

Ed Milliband as Prime Minister? Can think of nothing worse,
Holding that thought has put me off my verse!
OK, I’m back now, although I’m in a cold sweat;
Perhaps another ConLib coaltion, a safer bet?

Whoa! hold on a minute! what have I said?,
Vote for a bleeding heart Liberal? I’d sooner be dead!
But Cameron and his Tories have gone somewhat astray,
A new version of Maggie needed to save their day.

So perhaps vote for UKIP; might be worth taking a chance,
As more like EU puppets every day we  dance.
The Treaty of Rome, I thought, was all about trade,
Now it’s political union, a German masquerade?

They tried and they failed, in two world wars,
Now through the back door will they conquer our shores?
A disillusioned electorate, awash with apathy,
UKIP to the rescue? Let’s wait and see!

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