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So JZ wanted a little house in the country, don’t we all, so why the fuss….?


Thanks to Bridgemanart

Nklanda, Nklanda, taxpayer’s money well spent,
Providing a roof over the head of El President.
Remember, before he came into power,
All he had over his head was the head of a shower!

Now he has swimming pools, a cinema, guest houses too,
Started as an RDP house, somehow it grew.
So why all the fuss and why the inquest?
For El President we all want only the best.

Some say he’s in trouble for stealing the cash,
But the public protector is just talking trash.
It’s appropriation of funds for a deserving cause,
And the poor in their shacks are just full of applause.

Perhaps he’s misjudged it and stolen too much?
But a presidential palace is just the right touch;
For the “Big Man” of South Africa a good place to reside,
And from his responsibilities too it’s a good place to hide!

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SONA 2015

“Corruption is not just about money and greed,
You can be corrupt in your thought, corrupt in your deed;
And what we’ve just seen in our Parliament
Is corruption being taken to its furthest extent…..”

Old Writer

In Knowledge Lies Power- Pity Nobody Told Eskom

“Load shedding is back, as the lights go out,
And industry comes to a halt.
And who is to blame
For South Africa’s shame?
Jacob Zuma says its apartheid’s fault!….”

Old Writer

Small People Walking in the Footsteps of a Giant

“We said good bye to Madiba, now he really has gone;
He was a beacon of light that always shone,
Lighting up the South African rainbow nation;
An outpouring of grief and a life’s celebration……”

Old Writer

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