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And the waters just get murkier….!

Will Scribe Police shields

The Praetorian Guard is now closing its ranks,
Trying to hide behind its own shield.
Andrew Mitchell is not fazed by any of this,
Telling the truth, he’s not going to yield.

Guards from elsewhere appeared on the scene,
Fellow Centurions they tried to support.
But when they were found to be lying as well,
Their efforts all came to nought.

Already in a hole, they kept on digging,
They did not know when to stop.
Very soon the Guard exposed themselves,
As incompetent from bottom to top.

Now the Praetorian Guard is in trouble deep,
A conspiracy is being exposed.
And at long last Andrew is getting some sleep,
Misconduct charges are being proposed.

Vindication maybe, but that’s not the same
As being believed from the start.
A cabinet minister forced out of his job
By a Guard with a poisoned heart.

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2013

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