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Poor old Ed Davey, he’s a highly paid politician who’s job depends on perpetuating the Global Warming Myth, so what would you do in his shoes……..?

Will Scribe Ed Davey

We can’t keep on attacking Ed Davey,
It’s not his fault, at the end of the day;
He has children at school, takes holidays abroad,
And he has a mortgage to pay.

He’s one hundred and thirty seven thousand good reasons
To deceive us with political lies.
Well paid to make a fool of himself,
As the truth he tries to disguise.

If someone would pay me that money
To put the fear of God into you,
Then surely I’d become a believer,
I would be at the front of the queue.

A government car, an apartment in town,
To name but a few of his perks.
He needs to keep repeating the mantra,
That’s just how the system works.

A government priest in the new religion,
Sold his soul for a pocket of gold;
Now desperate to hang on to his lifestyle,
As the real truth begins to unfold.

The plight of Ed Davey is so common,
It has such a familiar ring;
Bought and paid for by a political agenda,
A puppet on the end of a string.

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2013

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