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Question: Are climate scientists a few degrees short of a temperature rise….?

 Remember the nineties, when we we’re put in a panic;
Global warming was coming, it would all get quite manic.
The temperatures would rise like never before,
Doom and disaster for us all, of that they were sure.

Will Scribe Global Warming the NinetiesNo more snow for our children, no more wintry scenes,
Hello blazing hot summers; goodbye village greens.
There was trouble looming, crops would be affected,
As more carbon dioxide was being detected.

So we held up our hands, saying that we would pay,
If our governments would make it all go away.
So taxes were raised, and grants were paid out,
(But not to those who cast any doubt).

Vast funds for the scientists, to give us salvation,
As they promised to save our next generation.
But surprise, surprise, no warming came,
And summers and winters remained just the same.

In fact winters got colder and summers less dry,
That’s when we started to begin to ask why.
And scientists they told us they’d got it all wrong,
But the rises will happen, before it’s too long.

So we must keep paying taxes, grants, and subsidies,
To prevent global warming, as we continue to freeze.
So like religious zealots we just go on believing,
Waiting for proof and the “global warming revealing.”

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© Will Scribe 2013-2015

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