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How to bankrupt the developed world? Take an unproven hypothesis, use fear and ignorance and tax payers money to market it as anthropogenic global warming and raise huge taxes and restrict growth. No warming? OK, re-badge it and re-market it as climate change, use even more fear and  greater ignorance and even more tax payers money to raise even more taxes and restrict growth even further. Still not working? OK, then pay huge amounts of compensation for natural weather occurrences saying that they are man made – yes, that should do it!   

It’s rained before and it’s raining again,
But this time its “climate change”.
Compensation I’ve been promised by President Obama,
So a claim form I need to arrange.

Will Scribe Alice in WonderlandAlthough it has rained many times before,
I think I can claim “extreme” drops.
So I must get my form submitted, quick, quick,
Before this extreme weather stops.

After the rain, when the sun comes out,
It will be the hottest day ever;
Computer models will confirm that this is the case;
These climate scientists are so very clever.

But what happens, instead, on a day full of clouds,
With neither any sun nor rain?
Then the scientists will know that this is a sign,
That it will never ever snow again!

If it does snow again? Then that’s just further proof,
That the oceans are storing the heat.
This climate science witchcraft is such clever stuff,
Mother Nature could never compete!

All that CO2 gas in the atmosphere,
Caused by us in our four wheel drives.
It will kill all our plants, it’s known for a fact,
It is threatening all of our lives.

The polar icecaps continue to grow,
As clear proof that the end is in sight.
We can stop all of this by paying more taxes,
We know the politicians are right.

The scientists and media know what needs to be done
To protect the developing nations.
Solar powered wind turbines should be built by the score,
Bankrupting all future generations.

Alice in Wonderland makes quite a sane read,
Compared with climate scientists’ rants and ravings.
Let’s lock them away in an asylum somewhere,
Just imagine the huge cost savings!

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© Will Scribe 2013-2015

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