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With apologies to all of the politicians, alarmist scientists, UN officials, environmental journalists, subsidised manufacturers, carbon credit traders, Al Gore et al. who rely on our fear for their incomes, I think it’s time we stopped being afraid!

As politicians keep feeding us their diet of fear,
And they keep on telling us that the end is now near.
As predictions are not happening in the way that they say,
And the claims just get wilder, day after day.

Will Scribe Fear is A Liar

As we are bullied by those with an activist agenda,
And we cannot ask questions, we must simply surrender.
As the consensus of scientists is not what it’s claimed,
And the good name of science is being defamed.

As we are kept on being treated as gullible fools,
And we are forced to abide by nonsensical rules.
As we act like sheep and, without thinking, we follow,
And the most incredulous of “facts” we swallow.

The time has come to open our eyes;
The time has come to question the lies;
The time has come to challenge the claims being made,
The time has come to stop being afraid!

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