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Following the granting of a High Court order the villagers of Balcombe may now, hopefully, have the beautiful, peaceful and quiet environment of the village restored as the fundamentalists and extremists are forced to leave. 

The Balcombe protestors are back in the news,
A court order’s been granted; so the village can lose
All the extremists and others, who have made such a mess,
Who, about the village’s environment, just couldn’t care less

Will Scribe BalcombeThe Balcombe protesters – what a curious brew,
Of the well-meaning, the misinformed and the rent-a-mob crew,
Oh, and a Green MP, who just had to get arrested,
To prove her credentials when her seat’s next contested.

They say fracking for gas will pollute the soil,
But there’s no fracking here, just drilling for oil.
Emotion overtakes facts, to create the hysteria;
Environmental extremists, loved by the media.

While the facts behind fracking get completely lost,
The poor old taxpayer is left to pick up the cost
Of ensuring that people and property are protected,
And the right to protest, even though misdirected.

To police the protest cost over three million pound,
And all of that money somehow has to be found,
So services to the needy will face further restriction;
Wasting taxpayers money, a fundamentalist’s addiction.

On their way home now leaving their mess behind,
Being environmentally friendly was not on their mind,
With their benefits paid, they await their next call;
Their anti-capitalist agenda, a huge cost to us all.

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© Will Scribe 2013-2015

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