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There is an increasing reality that, apart from making the likes of Al Gore, carbon market traders, etc. very wealthy, and providing funding for the lifestyles of thousands of officials and climate activists all over the world, the whole global warming scam is just a political ideology, intent on preventing development in the developing world by denying them access to cheap energy. Maybe, maybe not, but our misplaced focus could be denying thousands of children the right to life.

I may not be an accountant,
But there’s a number I want to share;
It’s the number of children living today,
Who tomorrow won’t be here.

HPIM0501.JPGWho need access to clean water,
Just so they can survive.
Who by this time tomorrow,
Will no longer be alive.

4014 is that number;
I hope it makes you upset.
It’s a number you should remember,
But which is easier to forget.

A death every 21 seconds,
If you care to calculate;
Desperate mothers trying to save them,
No clean water deciding their fate.

4014 grieving mothers,
Cradling a dead child in their arms.
Gone are their smiling faces,
Gone are their childish charms.

4014 funerals,
As the children get laid to rest.
Lying in their tiny coffins,
Or wrapped in a father’s vest.

And all for the sake of clean water;
It’s there for us every day,
But not for those little children,
So now in the ground they must lay.

Your 5 minute shower,
Your morning routine;
But 14 children will die,
As you get yourself clean.

And when you brush your teeth,
With the water tap turned on,
And by the time you’ve finished,
8 more children will have gone.

And as you bath your babies,
42 mothers will be bury theirs;
The only clean water for them
Was the drops of a mother’s tears.

Will Scribe 4014 No 24014 deaths every day,
But do the green activists care?
Yet for anti-capitalist warming,
Their voices are so loud and clear.

As we pay those vast green taxes,
Give grants to the activists.
We are denying life to these children,
For as long as the scam persists.

Don’t look to the UN or Obama
For them there’s no political gain;
Obsessed with their climate religion,
Has the world gone completely insane?

So who will help these children?
Surely they have human rights as well.
The right to clean water and life,
But that’s a hard political sell!

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© Will Scribe 2013-2015

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