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The 2010 General Election seems such a long time ago now, but still every time I see how the Conservatives have had to water down their policies to placate the wishy-washy Liberals I still think, somehow, the UK electorate were short changed. The Conservative voters didn’t vote for the government now in power – nobody did! 

Will Scribe Polling Station

Consider this carefully, it is worthy of note,
A government in power, but with no single vote.
A government speaking, but now with whose voice?
Conservative/Liberal Alliance not a ballot sheet choice.

Manifestos presented so the voters could choose,
But Cameron determined that he wouldn’t lose.
So manifestos were ditched, when it came to the hour,
The focus was clearly on the gaining of power.

A coalition created, neither one thing nor the other,
A soap opera played out, could have been from Big Brother,
And the poor voters left with never a say,
That’s hardly democracy at the end of the day.

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