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I was in a supermarket the other day waiting while the bad mannered “important” person in front of me was using his mobile phone, keeping the check-out assistant (and me and the queue) waiting.  Back in July there was controversy when a check out assistant at a Salisbury’s store refused to serve a customer who was using her mobile phone – well done I say!

Will Scribe Mobile Phone

It’s so easy to choose when mobile phones you should use,
It’s all down to a matter of breeding.
But if you need to be told when to put it on hold,
Then good manners are clearly receding.

Why not hold up the queue, it mean’s nothing to you?
Keep on talking, carry on for a while.
Make it all very plain that you sit on your brain,
Lacking in etiquette, class or style.

It’s all just a pretence to show your importance,
That the phone call is so vital to you.
Oh! and make your voice loud, so those in the crowd
Can all share in your phone call too.

If your telephone’s vibration causes such agitation,
Then just do the intelligent thing.
Missed calls, they are queued, so why choose to be rude,
Turn your phone off, and then it won’t ring!

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2013

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