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A life changing moment when the lights turn to red?
A life changed in seconds, takes a new path instead.

Will Scribe Lights Changed to Red

The lights turned to red, so now he must wait,
When alongside him stops this Ford Mustang V8.
A beautiful car, but it cannot compete
With the blonde adorning the driver’s seat.

Transfixed by her beauty, its love at first sight,
(But let’s call it lust, which is probably right).
She looks over and smiles, what incredible eyes,
And down below something is starting to rise.

He’s beginning to want her to be part of his life,
Why had he not met her, instead of his wife.
She looks over again, his face starts to beam,
This cannot be happening, this must be a dream.

He pictures her naked, on the beach in the sand,
He yearns for her touch, the stroke of her hand.
His heart is now racing, a hundred and twenty;
They could have kids, they could have plenty.

Please lights do not change, let this love affair last;
She can be my tomorrow, I will forget all my past.
But the lights turn to green and she makes a right turn,
He watches her go, and has one last heart yearn.

He drives off from the lights, still lost in his dream,
Not seeing the child, only hearing the scream
Of a desperate mother, who was unable to stop
Her child from falling onto the black top.

And he felt the bump as he crushed the child’s head……..

Yes, a life changing moment when the lights turned to red.

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2013

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