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While he is waiting to stand trial for corruption, fraud and money laundering Julius Malema, late of the ANC Youth League, has formed a new political party that’s 100% left wing and 100% racist. God help South Africa!

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With Thanks to ZANews

Comrade Julius Malema, he’s in such a dilemma,
As he awaits his clash with the law.
A total aberration, in the Rainbow Nation;
A racist right through to his core.

He’s fallen out with his pals, The African National Criminals,
And a new party he’s now created,
With a cap on his head, in bright communist red,
And an ego even more inflated.

The EFF on his beret, what does that say?
Everything’s For Free; a worthy motto and creed.
He’s such a connoisseur, this tenderprenuer,
With a taste for corruption and greed.

A modern day Robin Hood? now wouldn’t that be good,
But he turned those tales on their head.
Yes, he steals from the wealthy, but to keep cash flow healthy,
He keeps all of the money instead.

Limpopo’s coffers ransacked, Malema’s bank accounts packed,
From “fighting the liberation cause”.
But as his mansion door shuts on the poor in their huts,
We know he’s no Santa Claus.

He’ll use the money he stole, to fund the payroll,
Of the crackpots supporting his cause.
And if they should fail, to put him in jail,
Then he’ll go on just mocking the laws.

The best thing is to laugh at his chosen path,
It’s just the old communist agenda.
And the message he wrote, to attract the poor vote,
Will be sent back, marked “return to sender”.

You just need to hear Malema’s latest idea;
All the land he now says he will seize.
There’ll be no compensation for this rape of the nation;
So why work, take whatever you please!

If this lunatic shower ever got into power,
At the money trough you’d see them feed;
Unemployment increasing, foreign investment decreasing,
It would happen with frightening speed.

A new phase we would enter, Mugabe his mentor,
It would be Zimbabwe all over again.
Freedom fighters with arms, attacking the farms,
Killing cattle, burning silos of grain.

The mines all would close as the flood waters rose,
Water pumps falling into dis-repair.
These are business destroyers, they’re not caring employers,
The wealth of the nation they’ll strip bare.

But this man’s not content with the African continent,
He thinks he can now rule the world.
If you give him enough rope, it could be Malema for Pope!
The dawn of a new era unfurled.

But behind a locked door, moving money off-shore,
Malema would lay a false trail.
For soon the population, no longer full of adulation,
Would be looking to put him in jail.

On a more serious note, if he did get the vote,
Then what a dreadful sight we would see;
Dictatorial rule, by a communist fool,
The demise of a wonderful country.

All Original Writings Are Copyright Protected
© Will Scribe 2013

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