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As we continue to pour tens of billions of dollars down the drain in the vain belief that somehow man has influenced, and can now control, climate what ever happened to anthropogenic global warming? 

Man-made global warming where did you go?
You promised us warm winters, instead we got snow.
I gave all my winter coats away to Oxfam;
Now I read in the papers it was all just a scam!

Will Scribe Global Warming Image 2Oh computer models! I believed everything that you said,
I really believed that Mother Nature was dead.
I cast reason aside, threw away all common sense;
Now are you telling me it was all a pretence?

I paid my green taxes without ever a word,
Believed politicians, no matter how absurd.
I frightened my family, scared my son and daughter,
When I told them we’d soon be under water.

I bought a Toyota Prius, a car that’s not nice,
To the God of Global Warming it was my sacrifice.
I feel so let down, oh what a gullible fool!
Who let fear, and not reason, become his life’s rule.

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“There’s something afoot,
There’s a political plan
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False predictions galore;
False predictions about the weather
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Climate – Denying the Witchcraft

“When the climate was changing, many centuries ago,
How to explain it? Well, man just didn’t know;
Priests, the propaganda machine of that aged time,
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